Beyond X is an association based in Basel.  Founded in 2015, by the British artist and scientist Dr Permi Jhooti, it is dedicated to new thinking and ideas through the creative entanglement of science, the arts, technology, people and places.

With Beyond X, we will use our hearts, minds, bodies and imagination to their full potential to create moments in time, which are designed to inspire, to delight and provoke.

Our first installation will be Heart Basel, a festival spanning multiple days in Basel, Switzerland from August 28th until September 3rd, 2017.  With an experienced and diverse team, from science, art, design, music, communication, medicine and education, the festival offers the opportunity to break the boundaries of individual subjects and create novel and surprising approaches.


Director: Dr Permi Jhooti
Artistic Director: Jorge Garcia Perez
Administration: Suzanne Rouden



The first HeartBasel festival took place from August 28th – September 3rd. Taking the heart as the central theme artists, including Elia Rediger, Janiv Oron, Permi Jhooti, Nik Von Frankenberg, Dirk Koy and Fabio Masini, the dance company Carta Blanca Dance as well as the DJ collective Alma Negra, took the audience on an interactive and audiovisual journey.  More information on the HeartBasel website.


In order to produce and support collaborations within the worlds of science, art, technology and dance, we are dependent on the support of partners, sponsors, collaborators and helpers. If you are interested in supporting our work or want to discuss any ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

BeyondX was founded on the support of the Gebert Rüf Stiftung and HeartBasel is developed and promoted within the scope of the “Scientainment” program.


Dr Permi Jhooti
Tel. +41 (0)79 791 59 22